Our environmentally conscious company in a constant effort to protect the environment, owns and operates a recycling station in order to process our industrial waste and thus avoid putting a strain on the environment.

Furthermore, waste that cannot be treated in our facilities is safely transferred to specialised recycling plants that we work with.

The recycling of waste has both environmental and financial benefits.
Firstly, treating industrial waste leads to lower levels of air pollution, water pollution and ground pollution that is associated with the mining and refinement of raw materials. The recycling process leads also to lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.
Secondly, the financial benefits associated with recycling can lead to greater productivity and the reduction of the cost associated with purchasing raw materials and waste management.
Through the recycling of materials a company can eliminate or minimise the production of waste and in this way avoid the regulatory demands as a whole.

Our effort is based on our philosophy for "clean" manufacturing and industrial production.

Simultaneously, through the exchange of ideas, meaningful interaction and the publishing or uploading of enlightening articles, we constantly try to inform our clients about the value of recycling and the need to produce environmentally friendly goods, never ceasing our quest for new materials.

For this reason, we are always positive and willing to try new "green" materials such as biodegradable materials made of fiber, which have been used in our production almost from the moment they became available in Greece.

Moreover, we are moving to energy saving investments thus greatly reducing the ecological footprint of our company.

  • At the same time, we have modernised our machinery by using the latest , state of the art motors and heating resistors.
  • We have also placed phototubes on our building's roof, in an effort to use sunlight and thus reduce electricity consumption.
  • We have been using a panel of capacitors for the correction of cosine.
  • We always try to make good use of the thermal charge of our machinery and use it for the heating of the production line area and our company offices during the winter season.
  • We never cease our trials and constant measures in an effort to achieve the optimum performance and efficiency of our production machinery.