Our company follows the policy of the members of the ASSOCIATION OF PLASTIC INDUSTRIES GREECE and is responsible for the observance of the European Laws and Directives governing the use of plastic bags and the return of the financial levy to the Greek Society for Utilization and Recycling.

Also, based on the JMD Decision Number 180036/952/2017 for the obligatory charge of environmental tax on thin transport bags, our company makes sure it informs, proposes alternatives and advises its customers on that issue.

As a responsible organization, the company ensures the observance of the Laws and regulations concerning the quality of its products that are going to get in contact with food, such as KAN (EC) 1935/2004, KAN (EC) 10/2011 and KAN. 1907/2006 (Ensuring a high level of protection of human health from the use of hazardous materials) and therefore ensures the careful selection of its raw materials and appropriate conditions during the production process. Furthermore, it accompanies its products with the relevant Certificates of Suitability.
KAN (EC) / 2004
ΚΑΝ (ΕΚ) 10/2011
ΚΑΝ 1907/2006

Instructions for Charging Plastic Bags

A useful guide regarding the charge for plastic carrying bags.

Which categories it concerns and for which of them an environmental fee is imposed.
The new JMD 180036/952/2017 published in the Official Government Gazette 2812 / 10.08.2017, categorizes the plastic carrying bags as follows: 0-15 micro: Plastic carrying bags up to 15 micro which are provided either as a primary bulk food packaging, or for hygiene reasons, are not subject to an environmental fee before checkout.
Note: Bags in this category are not subject to an environmental fee if they are placed in another cash bag at the checkout.
Otherwise, they fall into the next category that is subject to an environmental fee.
0-50 micro: Plastic carrying bags with or without a handle up to 50 micro, which are available to consumers at the cash register of the point of sale of goods or products, are subject to an environmental fee of 0.07 euros per item plus the corresponding VAT.
50-70 micro: Plastic transport bags with a material thickness equal to 50 micro and up to 70 micro are not subject to an environmental fee. However, this category is subject to separate pricing according to the pricing policy of each company, but without that being attributed to any public body, except for the VAT corresponding to the charge, always according to clarifications by the competent Ministry.
>=70 micro: Plastic transport bags with a material thickness equal to or greater than 70 micro are not subject to the scope of the new JMD.

This category is not subject to an environmental fee and there is no obligation or restriction on its availability.