Frequent questions

1What is the most suitable food material for HDPE or LDPE?
Both materials are suitable for contact with food. They simply differ in their characteristics and therefore in their applications.
2What is the process for printing a bag?
You send us your logo in an editable file (eg Corel), we place the logo on the product and we send it back to you for inspection and comments. Alternatively, we undertake the creative part of the logo if it does not exist.
3How much will it cost?
You should contact us to see exactly which product you want, in what quantities, in what quality, with how many colors and various other factors that affect the final price.
4Do biodegradable - compostable materials have an expiration date?
No, these materials become fertilizer if they are taken to a compost bin.
5What is the minimum print quantity?
The minimum print quantity depends on the type of product as well as the number of colors (eg 2 colors, 3 colors, 4 colors). Indicatively, it starts from 120 kg per code and can reach 300 kg or more.
6Are plastics recyclable?
Plastics in general are 100% recyclable and are the crown jewel of the circular economy.
7Do you deliver your products with a shipping company?
Of course. Throughout Greece.